Patch 0.08

Details of Patch 0.08

Attribute Changes

  • Defense removed and replaced with Physical and Magical defense
  • Weapon attack has been removed and replaced with Physical, Magical, and Healing Power
  • Weapons still have accuracy
  • Weapons healing power is only half a point of hp per point
    • Ex: 10 healing power only heals for 5 HP
  • Vitality added, each point of vitality is worth 2 hit points (Experimenting with the value)
  • Magic now has bonus effect of being a Mana pool also, every point of magic is worth 2 Mana (Again, experimenting)

Spell Changes

Spells/Actions now have additional effects on top of their own.

  • Ex:

    • Dmg Dealing + a buff/debuff on yourself or opponent
    • Dmg Dealing + ailment + buff/debuff

(NEW) Class System

  • 11 classes total to choose from for each character

    • Currently “complete” classes:
      • Cleric
      • Oracle
      • Bard
      • Warrior
      • Mage
  • Each class has their own attributes and their own level
  • Each class has their own set of abilities
  • You learn abilities by leveling up that specific class
  • With this class system every character is able to wear any type of gear
  • Gear now has more meaning

(NEW) New items and Spells/Actions

  • Boots and helmets have been added
  • New spells that fit each class have been added

Balance Changes

  • Made all DMG dealing and healing spells weaker in potency
  • Redid combat formula

UI Changes

  • Added status menu to Pause Menu
  • Redid how player uses spells in the Pause Menu
  • With new class system and items, equip and status menus were changed to fit changes
  • Made battle UI little easier to navigate with controller/keyboard
  • UI now shows dmg taken, healed, and mana regen from ailments


  • Redid leveling system
  • Lowered chance of special effects working for damage spells
  • Made recovering from ailments in battle a little clearer

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with UI where the first button would remain selected when you go down, now it is smoother and will go down without having to hit the down button twice
  • Fixed bug with equip menu where sometimes when going back to the main menu it would crash
  • Item inventory no longer causes a crash when there are no items in it
  • No longer crashes when using an attack that can gives paralysis effect
  • Issue with items disappearing into the wrong section of inventory when equipping and unequipping
  • Issue with equipping and unequipping for weapons and accessory
  • If the player had no armor in their inventory they wouldn’t be able to equip any weapons or accessories even if they had them in their inventory
  • Issue with player could use use more spells after using an area of effect spell/action
  • Issue with area of effect spells/actions using more mana than specified
  • Can no longer use area of effect spells/actions if member does not have the mana
  • Issue with battle buffs and debuffs that were set on players would not go away after battle was finished
  • Issue with NPC’s and certain ailments
  • Issue with player characters and certain ailments
  • Issue with buffing and debuffing where you can buff/debuff a character multiple times and the stats would continue to lower/raise
  • Issue with not being able to use the back button on a controller when in battle
  • Issue with area of effect spells causing the player character to freeze on their next turn and not display the menu

What’s to come

Clarification for ailments that deal/heal damage

Balance changes

More spells/actions



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