Patch 0.11 Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes, Patch 0.11

UI Changes

Made highlight deeper in pause menu when selecting a party member

Made highlight deeper for the dialogue so the text can be seen better

Added a background to the character info during battle in hopes of it being able to seen better

Bug Fixes

Issue where a specific npc was not in a cutscene
Issue where dialogue, when given options, wouldn’t show what you are attempting to talk about
Issue where some dialogue had more than what was wanted
Issue where a cutscene after a specific battle would not load
Issue where a battle could happen when standing still
Issue in the path area where you could get through a patch of trees and walk forever
Issue with the second town where you could keep walking east forever
Issue when player would hit the back button in battle when it was the NPCs turn they would be able to do more actions
Issue when you would infinitely buy items it would cause the game to crash, so a max is set of 99

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