Patch 0.04

Details of Patch 0.04


Changed some of the opening to better reflect what stages in development that this is in


  • Only two quests fully implemented, working on that but testing takes time
  • Quests half(?) implemented. Please report any bugs. The first quest is given by the village elder.
  • Currently only two types of objectives for quests
  • Kill certain number of NPCs
  • Speaking to a set of people
  • Certain quests are required to unlock the shops


  • Working dialogue, hoping to be expanded soon.
  • Currently implemented dialogue:
  • Options
  • “Notes”
  • NPC and Player side dialogue

Pause Menu

  • Quests button is now clicked
  • Upon clicking the button it will pull up all of your quests (Completed and Active)
  • They are color coded (or should be) to better reflect what is completed and what is not (Yellow is started, green is completed)
  • Upon clicking a quest a description is brought up of all the details and past details

Quality of Life

Combat UI

Forgot to mention in Patch 1.1, the UI was changed so party's HP and names were always visible no matter what menu was up

Pause Menu

Made the Use Spell menu have mouse hovers so it is easier to use with a mouse

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with combat that if one npc was sitting there alone the battle would not be considered won and you would be stuck (This bug would have been for a lone character also)
  • Fixed UI problem when using an AOE attack in combat, the back button would still be there after the attack was used
  • Fixed a minor, minor bug where the player sprite would load in too quickly after unpausing. Now loads near perfect in sync with unpausing.
  • Changed the back button for the item shop to be higher up on screen because before it would be too low on the screen and could not be clicked for some resolutions
  • Fixed bug where XP wasn’t properly resetting for your party members
  • UI back buttons for pause menu working again with mouse

What’s to come

More Quests

This is a maybe, because there are more important things than adding more quests currently

Collectible Items

See about adding this, might not do it in patch 1.3 but more than likely will in patch 1.4

More party members?

And with more party members comes the ability to switch them out

Status ailments in battle

Given the ability to heal and cause status ailments in battle

Reworking combat system/leveling system

  • Combat system is very generic and needs a total rework on the calculations. Specifically for NPCs now that in Patch 1.1 armor was introduced.
  • Currently the leveling system works, that’s about all the good it is. Needs to be enhanced more to allow to the ability to learn new spells/replace old ones when there are too many.
  • Also, you level too quickly, so need to slow that down.


Currently equipment only has the defensive bonuses and attack bonuses. Hoping to add accuracy and evasion to give the combat system a little more flare

Drop tables

Make NPCs drop items on a random chance.

Note: Not equippable items, only items that can be sold for gold for the time being

New Areas to Explore

New, blank, areas for you to explore! How exciting

Note: All of this is COMING SOON, meaning I have no idea what will come first and what will come last.



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