Patch 0.1

Details of Patch 0.1


  • Npcs with dialogue
  • Overarching questline
  • Maps
  • Bosses
  • Cutscenes
  • More party members

Weakness System removed

UI Changes

New inventory screen

  • Able to use consumables that are available outside of combat

Changed the highlight color of quest button

  • Small change when navigating the quest menu

Changes to shop UI

  • Have to confirm purchase before buying an item
  • Dialog box now displays if you do not have enough money to purchase an item

Easier to navigate dialogue options using M&KB and controller


  • NPCs can use chargeable spells that deal more damage
  • Some equipment now absorbs/reduces some elements
  • Start menu

Bug Fixes

  • Issue with using a spell when in the pause menu
  • Issue with mouse over not working for comparing stats when changing class in pause menu
  • Issue where in the pause menu if a quest was completed and you clicked it, the game would crash
  • Issue with player sprite still moving when in dialogue. If moving beforehand
  • Issue with UI not showing the correct name for what ailment or buff the player had recovered from
  • Minor fixes

What’s to come

Lots of bug fixes

Adjusting stats on level up

Balancing npcs

Along with these updates, I am changing the numbering of updates. Since
1.0 is technically considered finished.

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