Patch 0.02

Details of Patch 0.02


  • Changes to damage in combat causing it to be more fluid
  • Weapon and Armor has been added, causing changes to player attack and defense

Pause Menu

  • Equipping armor, weapons and accessories added to pause menu
  • Now able to use single target healing spells in pause menu (hopefully)


  • Little bit of equipment added.
  • Each character has a 'class' and can only wear that classes armor and weapon. (At least that is what is supposed to happen)
  • Armor provides defense (evasion coming soon)
  • Weapons provide attack (accuracy coming soon)
  • Accessories not yet fully implemented

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the restart bug on death
  • Fixed bug with Male Healer NPC in combat where the game would error out because the NPC was trying to buff and he had no buff spells

Quality of Life Changes

  • Added a sound when a party member is added to the party to better notify that a party member has actually been added
  • UI mouse hover added in some areas of the UI, more to come

Whats to come

  • Quests (hopefully)
  • Quests being added to pause menu
  • NPC dialogue system to work with quests
  • More UI mouse hover

That may be all I can get done in a weeks time. And I might not even get all of that done.


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