Patch 0.08

Details of Patch 1.30

(NEW) Chests/Item pickups

Spread around two chests to be opened that give items

(NEW) NPC Drops

  • NPCs have 5 categories they can drop items from
  • Can drop recovery items to equipment
  • The winning screen after a battle now shows items that have been dropped

Quality of Life Changes

  • When using a keyboard/controller to navigate menus with scrollbars the menus will now move with whichever object is selected (May not be all menus yet)
  • Made UI easier to navigate with a keyboard/controller

Balance/Combat Changes

  • All Ninja’s speed reduced
  • All player armor increased by 5
  • Both player and NPC can now miss physical spell attacks
  • Physical attacks now use strength instead of magic
  • (NEW) Accessories now give immunity to some ailments
  • (NEW) Items can cure status ailments
  • (NEW) When having certain ailments, when attacked with a certain affinity it will deal bonus damage
  • Frozen, use fire
  • Burned, use wind
  • Asleep, use anything that deals damage
  • (NEW) AOE Revive items added


  • Removed some grey lines from Pause menu and Equipment/Item shop
  • Redid some combat UI so can see it a little better
  • Changed some things in the Pause Menu UI
  • Party members automatically added, no longer have to pick them up
  • Remove all ailments once a battle is won
  • Redid how you equip items in the pause menu to be easier to use (hopefully)
  • (NEW) Ability to rearrange party in pause menu
  • Base items are now given at the start of game
  • Sprites added to the starting area
  • Changed the opening to reflect changes and give better information

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that when player was poisoned or burned they would die on their turn because the ticks would be infinite
  • Fixed a bug where if the player was confused or enraged they would repeatedly attack and cause auto win or loss
  • Player no longer can use spells when they don’t have the appropriate mana
  • Player no longer moves forward when dead
  • Can no longer pause when engaged in dialogue

What’s to come

Changes to Pause Menu
  • Reworking inventory screen
  • Adding more to party menu
  • Look at status

Visualizers for what ailments a party member has in combat



And all previous things that were mentioned that have not been implemented yet



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