Patch 0.06

Details of Patch 0.06

Combat Changes

  • (NEW) Buffing/Debuffing should now properly go away after 3 turns, can reset turn count on yourself or NPC before 0
  • Changed how damage is dealt so it is a closer range and will go above the calculated damage you are to hit
    • With this change came the nerfing of AI damage (hopefully) as they were too strong
    • Which means at higher levels you will be able to stomp all over them
    • Changed weapon attack power as they were too strong with the changes
    • Buffed NPC defense to reflect the changes to damage
  • (NEW) Equipment now has accuracy and evasion stats
  • (NEW) NPCs can now evade your attacks
  • (NEW) NPCs can now miss attacks
  • (NEW) Status Ailments added

(NEW) Status Ailments

Status Ailments added include:
  1. Poison
  2. Burn
  3. Frozen
  4. Sleep
  5. Confuse
  6. Rage
  7. Paralysis
  8. Silence
  9. Weakness
  • Ability to remove the status ailments once placed only for player (In a future patch the amount of abilities that remove ailments will be 2-4 to not flood the spell selection)
  • Every turn there is a chance to get out of the ailment before the designated turn
    • That chance goes up every turn the ailment is still on
  • Poison and burn cause damage over time
  • Frozen, Sleep and Paralysis cause turn skips
  • Confuse has a chance of hitting a random target
  • Rage deals 150% more damage but only through normal attacks but also takes 150% more damage, the target is a random enems
  • Can only be used on enemies
  • When silenced you become unable to use any magic
  • Weakness makes all damage dealt only 25% of what it would have been
  • NPCs/Players can have multiple DOTs but only one Ailment
  • Certain spells have a special effect added to them (Burn, Frozen and Paralysis)
  • A notifier for when someone has recovered from a status ailment should be displayed

Combat UI Changes

  • (NEW) Added “One More” text to show that the character has another turn because of hitting a weakness or hitting a critical
  • Changed UI color for moves to white
  • (NEW) Added text to show which character an NPC is attacking to better clarify the status ailments/moves, unless it is an AOE
  • Reworked the Magic/Item menu
    • Now has description of what you are trying to use


Removed a line from pause menu UI

Bug Fixes

Fixed some spells that were not working

What’s to come

Everything that was detailed in patch 1.2, that was not applied in this patch. Those details are here

UI changes

Getting the scroll bar to work with when using anything but clicking it

More QOL changes to UI



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